Radio Shack TRS-80 M4

This is the first prop of an environment scene I am planning to realize in Unreal Engine 4. For the renderings in Unreal Engine all the textures are in 4k. However, in the Marmoset Viewer the textures are scaled down by a fair amount and I think that for the final scene I could scale them down even a bit more. Since this is a portfolio piece and people will probably look at it from all sides I decided to give the rear side a bit more detail than it would be necessary for a common game prop. For a next similar prop I would also have the glass on a separate UV sheet. Or maybe just skip on a second dedicated layer of glass on top of the screen and just have the whole screen on a single UV island. Although I think if you look at it closely the difference is quite noticeable and I aimed for the best possible look overall. And sorry to all the tech freaks: I know that UNIX doesn't make any sense on that screen. ;)

Till marzahn radioshacktrs80m4 render01
Till marzahn radioshacktrs80m4 render02
Till marzahn radioshacktrs80m4 render03
Till marzahn radioshacktrs80m4 render04
Till marzahn radioshacktrs80m4 render05 breakdown